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We guarantee
fast, secure & reliable service

  • very fast and secure shipping. Orders that arrive before 14:00 o'clock can be sent the same day. (Shipping via DHL or Deutsche Post)

  • all deliveries, including foreign deliveries, are fully insured. You assume no risk in case the delivery gets lost or damaged en route.

  • complete reliability both in terms of service and the quality of our banknotes.

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Call us at (+49-89-18920167) or send us an email with your proposal.

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Would you like to sell banknotes? We also buy!

We are generally interested in all sorts of banknotes. The most important considerations for the price are condition and rarity of the banknote.

IMPORTANT: Please do not send us any banknotes without contacting us first.

What is the usual procedure ?

  1. Please look around in our shop to get a general impression. You can see that large price diffenrences result depending on the condition of the banknote. Prices for used banknotes cannot be compared with those for uncirculated examples. The price difference is large, especially when concerning Reichsbanknoten or leftover banknotes from travels abroad (Italien Lire, Greek Drachmai or French Francs, etc.)

    Based on our experience, dedicated collections with mostly uncirculated banknotes that have been stored competently (eg.  filed in albums) are most interesting. Collections of used banknotes that were stored in the cellar or the attic in boxes are normally not that valuable. German Reichsbanknoten and vacation money are found in nearly every other inheritance.
  2. Send us an email with a photo of the banknotes and your realistic price expectation. A good idea is to spread the banknotes out on a table and take a picture. This allows us to get a general impression. Please do not scan or photograph the banknotes individually. This often leads to our mailbox being over full.
  3. If we agree on a price, you can send us the banknotes:

    our address:
    Hartmut Fraunhoffer;
    Winlandstr. 10
    81549 München

    Please include the following information in the package:
    - first and last name
    - address (complete)
    - telephone number
    - email address
    - your account information
    - agreed purchase price

  4. If the received banknotes do not match the description we reserve the right to return the delivery. That seldom happens, but we have to protect ourselves in that regard.


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